Cooling Tower Systems and Water Management

In general, cooling tower operators are specifically, urged to implement novel strategies to reduce process demands for fresh and potable water, and to expand the use of treated wastewater streams and recycled water as cooling tower makeup.

Cooling systems are generally accepting of a wide diversity of waters and, given some consistency, many industrial streams can be economically recovered and reused as tower makeup.

However, recoverable process waters will always require some judicious pre-treatment before being recycled for reuse in cooling systems, if only to remove particulates, fats, oils, and greases (FOG), and heavy metals; and provide pH adjustments (say pH 7.0 to 8.5).

Suitable candidates may include waters employed for:

  • Reduction in production costs, e.g. recovery of valuable raw materials, less sludge handling and offsite disposals, and reduced water discharge.
  • Heat recovery, e.g. passing hot water through a heat exchanger to preheat a process stream and then using the cooled water as cooling tower makeup.
  • It’s a good, environmentally conscious thing to do.
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Typical example of a cooling tower system and water management solution for legionella prevention (Ozone + i-MONITORING)

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Purpose of a Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are used to remove heat from a building. Cooling a stream of water to a lower temperature using evaporation does this. Large cooling towers are usually used in industries like power plants, petroleum refineries and various manufacturing facilities

How the Cooling Tower Works

Cooling towers are a special type of heat exchanger that allows water and air to come in contact with each other to lower the temperature of the hot water.

The water is exposed to air as it flows throughout the cooling tower. The air is being pulled by a motor-driven electric “cooling tower fan”.

Design, Engineer, Build, Maintain and Refurbish Cooling Towers - A Complete Cooling Tower Solution

Nijhuis Industries is offering a complete cooling tower solution.

Based on more than 20 years of experience from UK-based company Nijhuis Deba, we provide Cooling Tower solutions for a wide range of industries and provides in-house i-ACADEMY training (such as Legionella training courses), helping our clients to maximise their environmental performance and meet the required statutory obligations.

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Why Cooling Tower Water Treatment is Important?

It is important to protect the system against damaging corrosion to control scale formation and fouling which will impair cooling efficiency and to control the growth of harmful microbes like Legionella bacteria which is a potentially fatal pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. We provide Legionella risk assessment to identify any sources of risk and forms the basis of a control scheme which is implemented and regularly reviewed to ensure compliance.

From Risk Assessment to Permanent Legionella Solution

Depending on the outcomes of the Risk Assessment report, a permanent Nijhuis Industries legionella compliance and control solution can be installed. This includes 24/7 i-MONITORING for cooling towers and cold / hot water services. Depending on the situation, local regulation and local requirements, a solution can consist of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, ozone, electrodeposition, metal ionization, UV filtration system, bio-decontamination systems and patented environmentally friendly bio organic catalyst (BOC) solution for control of biofilms.

The Benefits of Nijhuis Cooling Tower Solution and Total Water Treatment

  • We ensure that cooling towers run at optimum performance and fully comply mechanically, chemically and microbiologically based on local regulations (such as HSE ACoP L8 in the UK)
  • Our team of specialists is trained to carry out a full range of maintenance and engineering on any cooling tower.
  • We provide water cooling tower services to ensure your operational efficiency potential is reached with minimal disruption.
  • We can help and manage all your water needs.
  • We are available to visit you to provide a free on-site quote, to show you how we can help to fully comply. Our team of specialists is trained to carry out a full range of maintenance and engineering on any cooling tower, a service which complements our water treatment and hygiene services to provide our clients with a fully comprehensive service.
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Contact us for advice and help for your cooling tower system and water management

Tower after Sanding of Walls

  • Tower-1-–-after-sanding-of-internal-walls

Before Painting The Undercoat

  • Tower-1-before-painting-of-the-undercoat

Undercoat Completed

  • Tower1–afterpaintingoftheundercoat2

Ready for Re-pack

  • Tower-1-ready-for-repack

Scaled air inlets

  • Tower-2-–-Scaled-air-inlets

New Air Inlets

  • Tower-2-–-New-air-inlets

Tower After Clean

  • Tower-2-–-Outside-after-clean-and-new-air-inlets

Tower After Clean

  • Tower-2-after-clean