Nijhuis Industries receives Hygienic Certification for Water Stations to produce drinking water quality

In March 2019, Nijhuis Industries received the official hygienic certification from the Polish National Institute of public health and hygiene for universal water treatment and recovery to produce water of drinking water quality. The treatment of water is intended for human consumption; treatment and recovery of production, process, post-process, technical, underground, surface and technological water in the industry.

The system is intended for professional installation and operation, with a systematic quality control of treated water within the scope corresponding to its intended use. The scope of subunits is selected according to the quality of raw water and the intended purpose of treated water to the user’s requirements. Before the commissioning of the systems, water quality control examination should be performed. The certificated selection of units consists of sand filters (Nijhuis CSF), ultrafiltration (NMS-UF), reverse osmosis (NMS-RO), clean water tanks and ancillary systems.

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The small pore size of the NMS-UF is not only a superior barrier for viruses and bacteria but also ensures maximum protection of the reverse osmosis unit. The NMS-RO has a maximal system efficiency, due to a smart design based on robust and solid reverse osmosis technology.

Client benefits / Nijhuis impact

  • Turning wastewater into recoverable water.
  • Reducing the water intake and wastewater discharge costs.
  • Solid selection of Nijhuis treatment steps, technologies and smart engineering.