Circular Economy examples

Manure treatment facility ‘Groot Zevert’ is producing their first green mineral fertilizer with the Nijhuis GENIUS installation

The Nijhuis GENIUS installation at Groot Zevert in Beltrum, the Netherlands, recently started producing clean water and green minerals from manure of pigs and cows. The green mineral fertilizer is a combination of nitrogen and potassium fertilizer from organic manure and can be used as a replacement for artificial fertilizer in the Achterhoek. This region in the Netherlands will become one of first in the world to follow the trend towards a circular economy in the agricultural industry, by using green fertilizers from treated manure and no artificial fertilizers.


Nijhuis GENIUS consists of a combination of smart technologies, such as a digester (AECOMIXTM-TAURUS), a GEA decanter, flotation technology (Nijhuis DAF), nitrogen stripper (Nijhuis AECO-NAR) and a membrane filtration plant. Depending on the clients and regulatory requirements, a combination of technologies are selected to secure the lowest possible CAPEX and OPEX, maximizing the sustainable PROFIT.

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GENIUS is a sustainable process because no by products and no waste products will be produced. It is an energy positive solution in combination with digestion and reduces the CO2 footprint due to lower production of chemical fertilizers and reduction in manure or digestate transport. The produced organic rich phosphate fraction, liquid nitrogen fertilizer and the liquid potassium fertilizer can reduce the import of artificial fertilizers for pasture land or arable crops as well as reducing the export of surplus manure.

Client benefits / Nijhuis impact

  • Turning manure into green mineral fertilizer and clean water.
  • Create an artificial fertilizer free agricultural industry in the region the Achterhoek.
  • Reduce the CO² footprint