Nijhuis Saur Industries NEWS - Edition 20 - Stay up-to-date on the latest industrial water projects

Dear valued clients and business partners,

In June 2020 we announced a new platform combining Nijhuis Industries with Saur industrial businesses, namely Saur Industrie, Econvert and Unidro to become a leading player in Industrial Water with a complete range of technologies and capacity to serve customers worldwide. We deliver solid and adaptive solutions for a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future.

By renewing our technological edge for the coming years, we want to reassure our clients, business partners and colleagues around the world of our continuing commitment to develop sustainable water, energy and resource recovery through innovation and water-on-demand.

Main NEWS topics: Industrial Water and Technology Vision | Innovation in the spotlight: MediOxi / CarboPlus | Light Industry Water Projects | Heavy Industry Water Projects | Municipal Water Projects | Commercial Buildings

What innovations will become important in the next 10 years?

The fragile global economy and current political instability, combined with the unpredictable weather patterns in many parts of the world, continue to result in either an excess, a dearth or overly polluted water. In addition to a need for solid and adaptive solutions there will be a growing need for water on demand.

We expect to see a significant rise in specialized technologies that will be applied in different ways across industries, and across applications. Access to clean water and air, healthy food, renewable energy and zero waste are essential to secure an improved quality of life for 9 billion people across the globe.


The ability to adapt to these dynamic market circumstances and requirements of individual regions around the world and protect water as the most essential element of live is a balancing act.

Our continuous efforts to contribute to the circular economy are being recognised by many of our clients and business partners, resulting in a growing demand for our innovative offerings to reduce, reuse and recover water, energy, nutrients and resources. In addition to that, more people now go to work to contribute to something meaningful, a sustainable purpose which deserves our continuous support.

We reviewed the past decade and presented our outlook on how we can help our clients and business partners to meet or exceed the ever-demanding water challenges, and highlighted a number of game-changing innovations which will become increasingly important over the next 10 years.

Looking ahead

Solid synergies are expected from the combination of complementary technologies, client portfolios and geographical presence, while the integration process will preserve our entrepreneurial spirit and agility in our new Industrial Water platform.

With the support and extensive experience of Saur, the combined Industrial Water platform of Nijhuis, Saur Industrie, Econvert and Unidro will provide significant long-term operation & maintenance (O&M) service, additional rental capabilities as well as financing solutions for our global industrial customers.

Together with our unique consultative approach, our cutting-edge proprietary technologies and smart process monitoring and control, we are proudly expanding our offerings and capabilities, all with the intention of strengthening our ‘customer for life’ approach.

We are very excited about this announcement and the overwhelmingly positive response we have received from around the world. We will keep you updated with our next steps, adding a new and exciting chapter to our extensive company heritage and looking forward to working even closer together with you and your teams to help solve your water challenges and #StandForWater.