Drinking water

Management and design of our water resources

The good management and design of our water resources is vital to a healthy country, since water is life! Many people take it for granted that water is plentiful, but it is all too common that the UK experiences water shortages, even though we are blessed with large rainfall events during the course of the year.

It is the water utility providers that are the guardians of this water supply from ensuring that there is sufficient, to the quality of it and its treatment and disposal. The utility companies however only have a duty to supply your water to a point at you boundary and that then this becomes the owner’s responsibility thereafter. For some commercial customers with large water main networks, this is a common problem with old historic water mains that have been poorly laid by general ground workers causing problems with leakage.

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How can i-CONSULT help you?

We can assist with gaining abstraction agreements for commercial and domestic customers including testing of the water quality and providing design for any purification system such as UV disinfection should it be required.

Carry out assessments of water supply networks
Carry out assessments of water supply networks including leakage detections, pressure testing, tracing and network modelling. This has been successfully carried out on many projects and is particularly prevalent in the holiday leisure industry.

Monitor and prevent leakage
Leakage is a big problem and the utility companies are now making the end user responsible for the cost of any leaks after their water meter. The limits to be set are very stringent and therefore, claiming of ‘leakage allowance’ for an issues related to private water mains becomes the owner’s responsibility, so it is critical that this is monitored.

Hydraulic Modelling of Water Distribution System

Nijhuis has the experience and knowledge of potable (drinking) water distribution systems for all potable water users. We can offer advice, problem solving and designs to improve existing and/or proposed distribution systems.

We have experience in modelling potable water networks for large users. In particular we can improve existing systems through leakage detection, low/high pressure problems, additional developments and optimising network operation for energy/water efficient designs.

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We can offer the following services

  • Leakage detection/mains tracing
  • Pressure testing
  • Identification and remediation of low pressure issues
  • Optimising of existing networks through hydraulic modelling
  • Impacts of proposed development on existing systems and potential measures to mitigate risks
  • Pump/tank/reservoir modelling