Join Nijhuis Industries and become a true (waste)water hero

Everyday, Nijhuis Industries contributes to sustaining our environment for generations to come. Whether through cleaning and reusing water, recovering valuables, creating energy or disinfecting water for recycling, Nijhuis Industries is tirelessly engaged in helping major industrial companies to restore our planet’s health. If you want to offer your expertise to developing innovative solutions for making the world a better place, we invite you to consider starting, or continuing, your career at Nijhuis Industries. Our firm belief in people means we offer excellent conditions and extensive training and development programs designed specifically to help you give the world your very best.

Raising global standards

With activities in over 110 countries and a team of over 240 specialists operating around the world, our influence is far-reaching. In everything we do, our aim is to create solid solutions in a fluid world that are innovative and practical and that will raise global standards in the field of water technology, raw material and energy recovery.

Committed to reliability

By cultivating a corporate climate of reliability, honesty and integrity, we maintain strong, lasting relationships with our clients and partners as well as with each other. It is this commitment that enables us to realize our global ambitions in a spirit of camaraderie, enthusiasm and with a great sense of fulfilment.

Open-minded, flexible ambitious

The demand for sustainable, innovative water and energy solutions is constantly growing. And so are we! This means we’re always on the lookout for open-minded, flexible and ambitious people eager to join our team. Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions or suggestions.

Internships and graduation projects

At Nijhuis Industries, we believe the innovation we pursue begins with investing in people. For this reason, we offer a range of internships and graduation projects in a broad variety of disciplines to students eager to develop their skills and knowledge and join us in reaching higher. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Our vacancies

  • Lead Mechanical Engineer m/v

    Je hebt een zelfstandige, uitdagende en brede rol binnen het project team en de afdeling Lead Mechanical Engineering. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerpen van een volledig waterzuiveringssysteem. Je richt je daarbij voornamelijk op mechanisch technische projecten zoals het ontwerp van 2D en 3D plant layouts, P&ID’s, opstelling van machines en piping routing. Je vindt het leuk om ontwerpen zowel zelfstandig te maken als in teamverband. Als engineer heb je contact met klanten en toeleveranciers en bezoek je projecten.
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  • Nijhuis Industries UK and Ireland: Office Manager / PA

    We are looking for a proactive, adaptable and enthusiastic person with experience of working within a busy administrative office, ideally within a commercial environment. Experience of providing PA support will be required along with a strong customer focus and attention to detail.
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  • Internship: Nutrient recovery from agricultural waste streams

    The agricultural sector has a large environmental impact. On a global scale, the agricultural sector is responsible for around 30% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, while eutrophication and surface water pollution are an issue on a regional scale.
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  • Stage: Analist in R&D laboratorium voor waterzuivering en winning van grondstoffen

    Proces -en afvalwater bevatten vaak veel verschillende stoffen en hebben een unieke samenstelling. Om een goed ontwerp voor een waterzuivering te kunnen maken is het van cruciaal belang dat het water vooraf op specifieke parameters geanalyseerd wordt.
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  • Internship: Dewatering of wastewater sludge

    During the treatment of wastewaters, a large amount of sludge is produced. This sludge can be physical-chemical sludge or biological sludge, among others. Due to the expenses of waste sludge, this sludge is dewatered on site to reduce the sludge volume and increase the dry matter content. Consequently, there is a demand for low cost sludge dewatering equipment.
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  • Internship: Removal of recalcitrant compounds in tertiary wastewater treatment

    In many cases wastewater contains recalcitrant compounds in the effluent of the (biological) secondary wastewater treatment. These non-biodegradable compounds can be substances such as humic acids and lignins, or micropollutants.
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  • Nijhuis Industries UK & Ireland: Assistant / Civil Engineer

    We have an exciting opportunity for an assistant level or main grade civil engineer to assist in multi-disciplinary design services to our external client base and in support of our ‘Turnkey projects’ division.
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  • Sr. Purchaser (m/v)

    In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het optimaal inkopen van producten en diensten ten behoeve van een groot internationaal project en het actief onderhouden van Supplier Relationship Management voor aan jou toegekende project. Tevens houd je toezicht op de naleving van een adequaat contractmanagement. Tevens wordt jouw inbreng als Sr. Purchaser aan het verder professionaliseren van de afdeling Procurement op prijs gesteld.
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  • Assistant Purchasing (m/v)

    In deze functie ben je de rechterhand van de (Sr.) Purchasers. Je houdt je bezig met het ondersteunen en begeleiden van inkoopactiviteiten. Hiervoor onderhoud je contacten met leveranciers. Daarnaast ondersteun je de hele afdeling Supply Chain met administratieve werkzaamheden.
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  • (Sr.) Sales Engineer

    In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het initiëren en uitwerken van oplossingen voor duurzaam watergebruik en grondstoffenterugwinning naar aanleiding van klantvragen over afvalwater en organisch afval.
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