Photo Contest & Calendar 2018

“When it comes to success...’s all about the PEOPLE”

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, capable of conveying complex issues with just one still image.

The Nijhuis Industries Team submitted twelve pictures which tells a story that demonstrates the value of the people behind the story in the creation of a safe, clean and sustainable environment.

At the beginning of each month during 2018, the “personal story behind the photo” will be published on this page.

January | The HAZOP team

Made by: The Nijhuis Team

Recently, the Nijhuis Industries QHSE department and Team Poland executed a HAZOP study at our client Cedrob and Rzeczyca in Poland. This is a good example of the collective efforts of the entire Nijhuis team to increase the awareness of QHSE.

A hazard and operability (HAZOP) study is a design review technique used for hazard identification, and for the identification of design deficiencies which may give rise to operability problems. HAZOP is most commonly applied to systems which transfer (or process) hazardous substances or activities where the operations involved can be hazardous or the consequences of failure to control hazards may be significant in terms of damage to life, the environment or property. A HAZOP study is carried out using a structured approach by an experienced multi-discipline team, facilitated by a HAZOP leader.