Fast-track, proven, robust and flexible solutions

Nowadays, industrial and municipal customers are continuously searching for solutions to meet their sustainable goals, lower their environmental footprint, and combine productivity and energy efficiency whilst also ensuring minimum life-cycle costs. These issues continue to pose a challenge to companies that strive to balance their economical and sustainability goals. It addresses the requirements of a growing number of global customers to extend utility infrastructure lifetime, improve sustainability and reduce operational cost. Everyday customers deal with variations in production levels calling for flexibility in the volumes of the wastewater generated from production.

The Nijhuis MODULUTIONS not only simplify the civil construction but also reduce the installation and commissioning time on site. Each modular solution is manufactured and pre-assembled at state-of-the-art facilities and tested at the sophisticated Nijhuis workshop in the Netherlands.

Nijhuis modular plants secure a minimal footprint and can be easily relocated or extended thanks to their modular design. In particular global operating multinationals intent to relocate production facilities during their economic lifetime, anticipating local requirements, changing demands and regulations.

Customer benefits

  • A fast response to the urgent need for a solution to wide variations in industrial activity.
  • Proven and robust technologies to ensure production stability and continuity by treating the water.
  • Flexible modular solutions based on a ‘plug and play’ principle allowing easy, on demand, expansion or relocation of wastewater utilities.

Plug and play principle
The units are based on a simple design requiring minimal installation time. Built to be robust and reliable for monitoring conditions, the systems can also be custom-made to suit particular requirements, to achieve environmental compliance within a limited time scale. The solution is adjustable to variations in the industrial activity, representing a ‘plug and play’ principle and helping to achieve sustainable goals.
The main advantages of a modular system over a conventional civil installation are:

  • Provides a better programme guarantee by minimizing seasonalweather influences on site.
  • Highly efficient construction procedure with testing being completed prior to delivery on site.
  • Reduced installation and commissioning time; the ‘plug and play’connections between the containerized systems requires only a few days.
  • Simplifying permitting procedures.