Nijhuis H2OK operates as a specialist wastewater treatment and waste to energy turnkey solution provider. The company has the in-house skills and technical knowledge to offer clients with turnkey projects, from design, through civil and mechanical/electrical construction to post completion operations. Nijhuis H2OK’s flood water management section operates independently from the company’s wastewater and waste to value departments. The in-house consultancy has extensive experience undertaking water, flood risk and environmental consultancy work.

Nijhuis H2OK’s key areas of expertise:

Nijhuis Industries

Nijhuis H2OK operates as a subsidiary of Nijhuis Industries, a leading global water and wastewater treatment technology provider with offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, China, Indonesia, USA and Columbia with 2400 references in more than 50 countries focussing on the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Gas and Agricultural industry. Nijhuis Industries is a leading multinational with a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Nijhuis Industries designs, manufactures and delivers robust technology, solid solutions and added value services to treat effluent, process water, biogas and air from a across a range of industries and municipalities. Nijhuis Industries offers a unique portfolio of market leading solutions to primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment, waste to value and disinfection.


The company was established in 1995, originally trading as H2OK Systems, providing a specialist environmental consultancy and project management service specialising in the wastewater and sewage field. Throughout the years the business has experienced significant expansion and established a successful working partnership with Nijhuis Water Technology. Nijhuis Water Technology, part of Nijhuis Industries, is an innovative, knowledge-based company with mostly in-house developed products and technologies which are integrated into turnkey solutions. In 2013 the strategic cooperation resulted in a merger forming Nijhuis H2OK to supply nationwide waste to energy and waste water treatment solutions to the water and renewable energy market.


Nijhuis H2OK finds itself in an advantageous position due to its expertise in a number of developing markets: anaerobic digestion, waste to energy, waste water treatment and recycling. These markets are driven by a number of increasingly demanding environmental legislation, a growing perception of the need to introduce new technologies and working practices to help create a more sustainable way of treating and recycling waste.


At H2OK we supply solid solutions in a fluid world to foster purity and sustainability for our own and future generations. Our innovative cost effective turnkey solutions can provide our clients with an overarching peace of mind service stretching from initial design and consultancy to installation and maintenance. The company’s in-house design, consultancy and project management service covers many disciplines including environmental, civil, structural, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical engineering.