7 April 2017

Sewage sludge to animal feed: single cell protein production model

A Dutch research project, Power to Protein, is evaluating the potential to upcycle ammonia nitrogen from sewage water to a high value single cell protein for use in feed.

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7 April 2017

Dutch experts train Indonesian poultry farmers

The Netherlands and Indonesia work together to strengthen the Indonesian poultry sector. During recent training programs over 60 Indonesian professionals in West-Java and South-Sulawesi gained insight how to improve their operations.

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28 March 2017

Nijhuis Industries joins effluent polishing research project on O3GAC-technology

Dutch-based firm Nijhuis Industries joins a research project on the removal of micropollutants, using ozone and activated carbon filter (O3GAC) as additional effluent polishing of municipal waste water. The Delft University of Technology will set-up laboratory testing to investigate the O3GAC-technology. Nijhuis Industries will be building a modular demonstration pilot once the research is completed.

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27 March 2017

Juliana Awada in Amsterdam: a new bet on a totally white look

He was heard by the big water companies in Holland, the pharmaceutical companies and the agro-industry. Some have already settled in Argentina and others are tempted to land and listen to the experiences of their peers. A single question arose: how solid is the medium term? The seminar included Argentines, such as the Helport authorities, represented by its vice president Juan Manuel Collazo, of the Eurnekian group, who is a specialist in Dragados in the Salado Basin and is now interested in port logistics construction. "You should always work with a local partner," he warned. So do the Dutch, like Menno Holterman, the CEO of Nijhuis Industries, who has spent more than 20 years investing in Argentina. "It's a country I would live in," he says.

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24 March 2017

Nijhuis Industries and Shanghai Winner announce strategic partnership on circular solutions

Water technology supplier Nijhuis Industries announced a partnership with Shanghai Winner, a Shanghai-based industrial water solution integrator. The Dutch and Chinese companies will join forces for provide ‘cost-to-profit’ turnkey water solutions to Chinese industrial customers. The partnership aims to tackle environmental challenges related to water use and help promote the global drive towards a more circular economy.

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22 March 2017

Unieke pilot Power to Protein gestart op RWZI Enschede

Op de waterzuivering van Vechtstromen in Enschede wordt vanaf woensdag 29 maart gestart met een proef waarbij eiwitten van hoge kwaliteit worden geproduceerd met grondstoffen uit afvalwater. Het onderzoek richt zich vooral op de werking van het concept en het analyseren van het geproduceerde eiwit op zuiverheid en voedingswaarde. Op beide locaties wordt een koppeling gemaakt met de afvalwaterketen door ammoniumsulfaat als voedingsstof te gebruiken. Dit ammoniumsulfaat wordt geproduceerd met behulp van de ammonia-terugwin-pilot (NAR) van Nijhuis Water Technologie.

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1 March 2017

How you can volunteer your time to help clean a popular Cornish beach this weekend

After two storms washed mountains of rubbish and plastic on to the coast of Cornwall, one company is now asking the community to get behind them in an effort to clean a popular beach.

A beach clean at Perranporth has been organised by Truro-based water company Nijhuis Industries H2OK, to take place on Saturday, March 4.

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