Cooling water reuse

Chemical free disinfection of cooling water

Open cooling tower systems and heat exchangers recycle water for heat exchanging. Excess heat is transferred into the air by evaporation of water. Cooling towers and heat exchangers are susceptible to pollution. This is caused by bio fouling, scaling and corrosion which all can bring the system to a hold. In addition to this, the system is also in danger of legionella outbreaks which can be harmful for human beings or even cause fatality.

Application of ozone
The application of ozone in combination with a the integrated water management program, guarantees a continuous disinfected water system: safe, sustainable, energy efficient and chemical free.

Nijhuis Ozone Solutions operates as an expert in chemical free water treatment, providing water treatment solutions to eliminate bacteria, biofilm, viruses, hormones, pesticides and pharmaceuticals and recalcitrant COD. The company, located in The Netherlands, has 25 years of experience and joined the Nijhuis Industries group in 2013.

Ozone gas (O3) is a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant. Its oxidation potential is 50% higher compared to chlorine products. Ozone is a natural gas that oxidizes approximately 600 to 3000 times faster than any other chemical product. Ozone does not only eliminate bacteria, but also viruses and other microbiological organisms, leaving nothing but oxygen (O2), and water after the disinfection process. Due to its oxidation mechanism, microbiological organisms cannot become resistant to ozone.

It has the additional advantage that hazardous biocides or chemicals are no longer required in the process (ozone regenerates into harmless oxygen) which leaves no chemical residues in the process water. It enables the water to be recycled multiple times.